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Discover How Marketers Are Laser Targeting Buyers, Boosting CTR By Up To 1000% On Google, Facebook, Adroll, And Other Huge Ad Networks!

  • Getting To Sales Ready!

    The number one challenge for most small to medium sized businesses is creating a sufficient number of quality leads and ongoing demand generation. Our program addresses this need and provides your office with sales-ready leads! Recently, Forrester Research reported that companies leveraging this approach generate 50% more sales-ready opportunities at 33% less marketing cost. This is how to acquire more customers in less time.

  • Start Getting A Pipeline Of Sales Ready Prospects!

    Our Top of Mind Strategies effortlessly integrate print, email, phone, mobile, web, and social media to connect with the target audience at the moment that they are ready to buy. Convert more leads into paying customers by sending them timely, relevant, and personalized messages.

  • We Know Where to Find Your Customers!

    We build and run marketing campaigns that drive outstanding results.

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We believe in providing you with a complete customized service to make sure you are getting the best possible results at the budget you decide on.

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We believe in providing you with a complete customized service to make sure you are getting the best possible results at the budget you decide on.

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finding the right audience

  • Website Re-targeting

    Place pixels on your website to bring them back

  • Youtube Re-targeting

    Show your videos prior to the keyword searched video

  • Keyword Re-targeting

    We place pixels where they are looking for your goods or services

  • Email Re-targeting

    Use your list or choose from our 100’s of SIC email lists

promoting your 5 star reputation

  • Word Of Mouth Reputation Has Never Been Easier.

    We’ll Build You a 5 Star Reputation, We’ll Monitor your Reputation 24/7; We’ll Promote it Everywhere. Easy for Customers to Use Tablet, Smartphone & Computer Friendly, Free Support, Personalize with Your Own Brand.

  • Testimonial Videos Gets The Message Out Faster

    According to a recent survey, it was determined that people prefer online video over case studies and white papers. The simple answer as to why we prefer video over other forms of media and content marketing is because it forms a stronger human connection.

  • Social Media Meet Reputation

    Increase Social Media Leads & Sales. Reach Your Customers & Their Friends. Get hands off Referrals. Increase Web Traffic, Stay Top of Mind with Prospects & Customers, Clients, Patients

  • Local Maps Is The New Yellow Pages

    97% of consumers search for local businesses online. More than 2.6 billion local searches are performed monthly.  69% of searches are affected by their specified location.  20% of Google searches are for local information.  Your customer’s reviews are now appearing on local maps.


  • Mobile Specific

    Specifically target your ads via GEO, age groups, & gender types.

  • Email/CRM

    Retargeting to your email and customer base lists.

  • Dynamic Content

    Target & segment based on the pages they viewed.

  • Categorical

    Find prospects on website pages in specific categories.


  • Targeted Mailing Lists

    Know your ideal customer for postcard advertising? We can help you find them. Get in front of your best audience with metrics from our mailing lists.

  • Graphic Design

    Turn your direct mail into something better. Use your own design or work with one of our designers.

  • Tradeshow Collateral

    Make an impact. Drive more traffic to your booth in a hurry and leave an impression that will lead to conversions.

  • Automate Direct Mail

    Personalized direct mail…easy as email. Increase your response rate fivefold with mailers that make an impact.

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We want to understand your goals and objectives. We will explain how the process works and what we bring to the table. If you have been doing Retargeting with another company, we’ll compare our services and see how we can do better!


We get you the pixels to place on your website pages and start collecting your visitors. We let this Retargeting Pool populate for at least two weeks. During that time, we will work with you on your targeting and setting your budget. If you need help creating your ads, we have a great in-house design team who can do that as well for a small fee.


We customize your campaign based on many different factors – dates, times of day, gender, income, geography, and other types of targets. The question is- Who do you want to reach, and with which message? We'll help you develop your strategy.


We’ll explain our pricing model, and you can decide what to set for your "maximum spends". We will make sure you understand and know what to expect. We have a “No Surprises” policy on this.


Need help creating your artwork? Not a problem. From idea inception to execution, we have everything you need for a successful campaign.


Remember: The Best Targeting in the World will get you NO RESULTS if you don't have the Right Message.

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